Leku is a Basque word, meaning "a place". But the literal translation of Cafe Leku as "a place to eat" only begins to describe the extraordinary cuisine and hospitality that you will experience at the Moxie Java Bistro.
When owners Lori and Ben Badiola decided to start Cafe Leku LLC, they jumped at the chance to open the first Moxie Java Bistro franchise in the country. They took the Moxie Java concept, and then blended in their Basque Heritage of hospitality and a passion for fine food to create a truly
unique coffee house-to-dining experience.

Whether your needs are a quiet cup of amazing coffee to start your day, an ambient atmosphere for a business lunch, or a relaxed place to dine with family and friends, Moxie Java Bistro will more than fulfill your needs and your expectations.

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